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Melon beads

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Hellenistic necklace with melon glass beads 225NA
Hellenistic necklace with melon glass beads 225NAAncient glass melon beads 225NAHellenistic melon glass beads 225NA

Hellenistic glass necklace
2-1 century BC

Composed of 13 melon with longitudinal ribs and 25 globular beads, graduated in size, transparent glass with purple tint. Interspersed with purple glass beads. 

All beads are intact, in good condition and some glass beads are iridescent. 

Max diameter of the largest bead: 16 mm
Height: 15 mm
Necklace is 19" ( 48.3 cm) long

During the excavation of an ancient house in the city of Rhodes (1966-1967), a large amount of debris from a glass factory was recovered. The main production was evidently devoted to bead-making. Thousands of beads were discovered and the similar beads were among them. See full report in:

- G. D. Weinberg, “Glass Manufacture in Hellenistic Rhodes,” Archaiologikon Deltion 24 (1969), pp. 143-151, pl. 76

For similar published examples see also:

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